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Report of 2021 Anti-corruption and Transparency week celebration and Human Rights Day held on 14th December, 2021.

Corruption has adverse effects and consequences ranging from loss of development funds, retardation of economic growth, flight of capital to the inflation of administrative costs. Corruption undermines the integrity of socio-legal foundations of legally-constituted authorities as it results in loss of legitimacy and respect. Corruption stifles initiative and creativity as well as demoralizes the honest person and violates the individual’s […]

Report of 37th Farmers’ Day celebration held on 16th December, 2021 at the forecourt of the Office of the Bawku Municipal Assembly.

The 37th edition of the Farmers’ Day celebration for Bawku was held on the 16th of December, 2021 at the forecourt of the Office of the Bawku Municipal Assembly. The program drew participants from the Traditional Authority, the General Assembly, Political parties’ representatives, the media as well as Heads of Departments of the Office of the Municipal Assembly. In his […]

2022-2025 Composite Budget Hearing of the Bawku Municipal Assembly

The Regional Coordinating Council in pursuant to Regulation 17(3) of the Public Financial Management (PFM) Regulations, 2019, LI 2378, organized Regional Composite Budget Hearing for all Municipal/District Assemblies in the Upper East Region of Ghana from the 11th of October to the 20th of October, 2021. On Wednesday, 13th of October, 2021, Bawku Municipal Assembly had its turn to present […]

Confirmation of President’s Nominee for the Position of the Municipal Chief Executive of Bawku.

The nominee for the position of Municipal Chief Executive for Bawku in the person of Hamza Amadu was confirmed on the 5th of October, 2021 in the Conference all of the Municipal Assembly. Out of the twenty nine Elected Assembly Members of the Municipality, twenty eight assembly members voted ‘yes’ in favor of the nominee representing ninety five percent of […]


Ghana has witnessed a number of conflict over the past years leading to serious consequences politically, economically and socially.  Although, Ghana enjoys considerable peace compared to its neighboring countries, it is vulnerable to intermittent communal violence, ethnic and chieftaincy conflicts.   Resolution and early warning signs have become tropical issues in debates and discussions in the country.  This is so because […]

Report of the Second Ordinary Meeting of the Second Session of the 8th Assembly of Bawku Municipal Assembly held on 1st September, 2021 at the Conference Hall.

Bawku Municipal Assembly held its second Ordinary meeting of the second session on Thursday 1st September, 2021 at the Bawku Municipal Assembly Conference Hall. In her address to the Municipal Assembly, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Hawa Ninchema touched on key areas such as Finance, Education, Health, Sanitation as well as projects and programs undertaken by the Office of the […]

Report on the sensitization and training workshop on institutional capacity enhancement for surveillance on food systems in Ghana.

Covid-19 is a treat to food security in terms of its availability, accessibility, stability and utilization.  It is estimated that the number of unsecured people in the Sahel and West Africa region in April 2020 was 11.4 million according to evidence from the review of National Food and Nutrition Crisis response plans.  In Ghana, about 1.9 million of the population […]

2021 Projects

3-Bedroom Nurses’ accomodation at Tampizua 3-Bedroom Nurses Accomodation at Buzunde 3-Unit Classroom Block at Zuli 3-unit Classroom with Office and Store at Sabon-Zongo JHS 6-Seater Water Closet toilet at Presby JHS 6-unit Classroom block at Naa-Gbewaa Primary School Special Ward at Presbyterian Hospital Renovation of Slaughter House at Azanga Expansion of CHPS Compound at Baribari Supply of 1,500No. Metal Dual […]

RAP Census Socio-economic and livelihood survey stakeholder engagement on the Bawku bypass

The Bolgatanga-Bawku-Pulmakom road project is being developed to improve the road conditions in the Northern corridor of Ghana. Its rehabilitation is designed to help increase road safety, trade and stimulate economic and social development as well as integrate the Upper East region and the Northern regions of Ghana. The project include the construction of a bypass at Bawku which will […]

Bawku Municipal Assembly holds its first Ordinary meeting of the Second session of the eighth Assembly

Bawku Municipal Assembly held its first ordinary meeting of the Second session of the eighth Assembly on 28th April, 2021 at the Municipal Conference hall. It was well attended by various stakeholders including Heads of decentralized and non-decentralized departments, Heads of Security Agencies, Zonal Councilors etc. In her address to the House, the Municipal Chief Executive gave a gist of […]