Digitization of Property Rate Collection for Bawku Municipal Assembly

On the 6th of October, 2020, GIZ trained the Management of the Office of the Bawku Municipal Assembly on the District Local Revenue Collection software, a software  which seeks to digitize the collection of Property rate collection. Due to efforts of the Office of the Bawku Municipal Assembly in street naming and property addressing system, GIZ partnered with the Assembly to trained key staff on the digitization of property rate collection which had been a challenge for the Assembly in past times.

The District Local Revenue Collection Software possesses a comprehensive information on the location, class and type of businesses and properties in the Municipality which serve as basis to track revenue collection. It is also linked to the fee-fixing resolution of the Assembly, a legal document that states the rates, fees, fees etc. to be paid by Business and property owners based on its classification. The software gives room to print demand notices based on a Unique Parcel Number (UPN) which does not duplicate. The GIZ admonished the Municipal Assembly to get a strong IGF leadership that will respond to needs of revenue collectors, good internet services, working equipment as well undertake a massive community sensitization to ensure the success of the program.

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