Flood Disaster in the Bawku Municipality

A heavy downpour on the 25th and 26th August, 2020 rendered communities along the White Volta in the Bawku Municipality in a dire state of flood. Gentiga 1 & 2, Gumakutare, Tampizua and Mognori were the hard hit affected communities. The flooded situation became worse after yet another series of torrential rainfall from 28th August to 2nd September, 2020.

As a result, Gentiga was totally cut off from Mognori as the main stream which serves as an accessible route got flooded due to the overflow of the river banks of the White Volta. An assessment by NADMO in collaboration with MOFA revealed that cultivated farmlands estimated about four hundred and ten (410) Hectares (1024 acres) has been submerged and destroyed by the flood. Food crops destroyed includes: Maize, Onion seedlings, Green pepper seedlings, Groundnut, Millet etc. It is revealing to note that a total of One hundred and thirty-one (131) farmers were affected by the floods.

No single casualty or death was recorded. Dangerous reptiles from the river into the communities along the White Volta were not left out as a consequent feature of the flood waters. Residents are adhering strictly to the precautionary measures. The Municipal disaster preparedness plan on flood has being activated.

The extent of the damage requires support from the affected farmers. Supply of food and seeds to farmers who are engaged in green pepper and onion cultivation will go a long way to ameliorate their plight.

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